Daycare Owl Registers 500 Daycares within 5 Months of Launching


DUBLIN, Calif., Feb. 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Daycare Owl now has over 500 daycares registered on the site, within just 5 months of launching. The pioneering on-demand childcare platform for parents and licensed childcare providers, Daycare Owl allows parents to easily search and find daycares in their area. Now with the addition of the parent portal, parents and guardians can register for free, add daycares to their favorites, communicate with providers, and book their favorite daycares (coming soon) directly from the platform itself. The Daycare Owl platform is fueling childcare innovating by giving daycares the options to provide extended care hours using their online booking tool. The Daycare Owl platform means more opportunity for parents and guardians, as providers open-up their doors to provide care for all hours of the week.  

Affordable childcare, and more hours of it! A revolution has begun, one that is built on creating change by providing affordable childcare to all and then fueling the opportunities that go with it. As more providers join the Daycare Owl platform, for free, parents can expect to see more availability of childcare spots, competitive rates, and more opportunities for extended care hours. Using the Daycare Owl platform, daycares can now successfully offer hours beyond the standard 9-5, parents can soon expect to see more hourly drop-in care, weekend care, sick care, evening care, overnight care, even date night childcare.     

Most licensed childcare providers, are not on modern day childcare platforms that parents frequent, instead they rely on word of mouth or state referral services to find parents. Just as parents have struggled to find affordable childcare many providers have struggled to get by, as majority of parents do not use state resources to find childcare, they instead turn to technology. The Daycare Owl platform will bridge the growing gap between parents and licensed childcare providers for free.  

“The Daycare Owl platform was created by a licensed childcare provider for licensed childcare providers, we are putting the provider back in the driver's seat. Each licensed provider on the platform sets their own profiles, curriculums, policies, rates, hours, and more, all for free. The Daycare Owl platform is essentially going to bring childcare into the modern era, by giving providers a platform that lets them ‘Flex-Work-From-Home,' providers will be able to turn their daycares ‘on and off' as needed,” says CEO Akriti Srivastava.

The Daycare Owl platform offers tremendous opportunity for children, parents, employers, and society. Affordable, on-demand childcare means mothers can return to work sooner, mom and dad can go out on more date-nights, employers can save on lost productivity due to lapsed childcare, and with more and more daycares offering hourly care in the morning, evenings, and weekends going back to school or hitting the gym is about to get a whole lot easier. Daycare Owl, childcare made simple.

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About: A daycare provider from Silicon Valley told her techie friend about an idea one day. A singular platform where parents could find affordable, on-demand, licensed, childcare easily and quickly. They went out to understand the concerns of parents and providers, and came back with answers that surprised them.

This is how daycare owl came to be. We know why childcare has gotten so expensive. We see the struggle of parents every day to find and pay for childcare. We know first-hand about the challenges faced by parents, childcare providers, and employers. The Daycare Owl platform is going to change the way society looks at childcare. Childcare is about to become simple.

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