Energy Week Episode 12


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Canadian shale oil revolution?

Canadian production may have greater impact on U.S. shale oil if lighter grades of oil are mixed with heavier Canadian grades in Canada as opposed to in U.S.

Transportation of Canadian oil still an issue – exports to Asia but still want Keystone XL pipeline to move oil to Gulf.

Solar Tariff –

Will Trump admin tariff on solar panels from China hurt solar energy industry in United States?

Costs will increase for rooftop solar panels but some companies say will open solar panel factories in U.S. BUT – does this really help the energy industry as a whole?

Could this be a bellwether for further tariffs on Chinese products? Reaction against Chinese currency manipulation?

Grid flexibility is key – ability to generate solar power and sell it to the grid while taking power from the grid at other times. Are we too entrenched in the large scale grid system to really implement a dynamic grid that account for back and forth? Perhaps in Africa?

Dollar weakness impacts price of oil – sometimes the market can be wrong

Harold Hamm – expressed great dismay at EIA reports, especially regarding storage numbers.

EIA Webinar on data methods – weekly reports are largely based on modeling not on real time data

3 components:

  • Alaska: real time date from Alaskan production delivered daily (only 5% of US production)
  • Gulf of Mexico – projections based on EIA STEO model
  • Lower 48 states – projections based on EIA STEO model,

STEO model includes many sources, including DrillingInfo, corporate financial filings, etc.

View the slides from the presentation at the link here