Energy Week Episode 14


RYAN DOESN’T LIKE RAJON RONDO! WHAT IS THIS?! but he is up for a PEXY Award! ‘One to Watch’ in the Pipeline Industry Award


– major reaction to narrative of rising rigcounts

– everyone knew rigcount would go up, why such a major reaction?

– Traders love volatility

– Reporters sometime have agendas – want to move markets

– Organizations have strategiv interest to move markets, sell products and that influences coverage

– Drillinginfo rigcount 5 days a week vs. Baker Hughes which comes out 5 days a week.

– OPEC reaction: Are they keeping track of rigcount in United States? Does this impact OPEC strategy?


– Indian companies buy $600 million stake in Abu Dhabi offshore oil concession, promotes India’s energy security and indicating that India isn’t really moving to all EV sales.

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