Energy Week Episode 15



– Turkey and Iraq:

Turkey is selling oil from the Kurds through its Ceyhan port

Iraq seeking talks with Turkish government to try and shut that down

Iraq wants to sell Kirkuk’s oil to Iran


Destroyed Iraqi oil infrastructure

Ran its own fairly sophisticated oil industry

Targeted airstrikes took out most of ISIS “dark” oil industry

– Saudi-Russia oil deal

Traditionally Saudi Arabia and Russia have not been allies

Saudi Arabia and Russia are on opposing sides in Syria, definitely in Iran

But they are close in energy deals – signed big LNG deal and Russian interests

hoping to invest in Aramco IPO

Russia and Saudi Arabia are supplying most of China’s crude oil

– Egypt and Israel

History of war

“Cold” Peace – not much economic cooperation

Egypt just signed a big natural gas deal with Israeli companies to provide Egypt

with natural gas

Business is leading diplomacy…

Curacao Refinery

– Will Chinese firm come in and take over from PDVSA?

– Would someone else come in? Curacao wants a company that will make improvements to refinery – potential opportunity for foreign companies?

– Would that hurt Maduro?