Energy Week Episode 16


Can U.S. shale be “the swing producer?”

Controversial topic right now – see and Robert McNally’s book “Crude Volatility”

Can we ever have a wing producer in an over supplied market?

History of Saudi Arabia’s experience as swing producer suggests that we can’t.

To what extent does the role of swing producer depend on demand forecasts?

Does OPEC even have much spare capacity anymore?

Nigeria, Libya, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia do, but others might not.

Operating in a different market now – is “swing producer” even a useful term to consider?

Market in which traders can get daily rig counts, dynamic sources of news, decline rates for shale oil wells

Supertanker news: Corpus Christi trying to secure funding to widen and deepen its port to make room for 2 supertankers simultaneously. Implications for U.S. oil exports.

LOOP – Saudi tanker takes US produced oil and transports it to China – shows how US oil finally being integrated into the global market

Aramco IPO – is it coming to the NYSE?

High oil prices indicative of good economy, but lower oil prices can also help jumpstart economic growth.

Lower gasoline prices actually encourage consumers to spend more on gasoline.