Five Ways to Save Energy During Spring and Summer


PHILADELPHIA, April 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Joseph Giannone Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, a family-owned home service company with an A+ rating by the BBB, is offering energy-saving tips to homeowners in the greater Philadelphia area for the spring and summer seasons. 

“Spring, with its milder temperatures, is a perfect time to start preparing your home for the summer heat,” said Joseph Giannone, owner of Joseph Giannone Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning. “Following these steps now will help homeowners start saving early and enjoy a smoother and less expensive transition to summer.”

Giannone offers these five tips for maximizing energy savings during the warmer seasons: 

1)       Check for Air Leaks Around the Home – As the air conditioning system cools the home, it
          is crucial for its efficiency to keep the cooled air contained. Making sure that air does not
          escape through small leaks decreases your cooling system's runtime and lowers the energy
          used. Check window seals, weather stripping around doors and door thresholds for gaps
          that air can pass through. Most cracks can be easily fixed with paintable caulk or new
          stripping, and thresholds can be corrected using the adjustment screws located on top.

2)       Lower Your Water Heater Temperature – Lowering the water heater temperature to 120
          degrees will still provide adequately hot water for bathing and washing dishes while helping
          to reduce energy costs.

3)      Use Programmable Thermostats – Programmable thermostats help manage runtimes for
          when the cooling system is needed most. By setting slightly higher temperatures for when
          residents are away from the home, the unit will run less and save energy. Provided the home
          is properly sealed, cool temperatures should be maintained long enough so that when the
          system is programmed to turn back on and lower the temperature, it can do so quickly and

4)       Use Ceiling Fans to Your Advantage – By utilizing overhead fans when residents are
          present, temperatures can actually be set about 4 degrees higher without a noticeable
          difference in comfort. To further conserve energy, remember to turn ceiling fans off when the
          room is not occupied.

5)      Schedule an HVAC Tune-Up – In order for an air conditioner to run at peak efficiency during
          summer, it is highly recommended to schedule a tune-up during spring. During a tune-up,
          any potential issues that could have developed over the winter season can be identified and
          corrected before summer arrives. Waiting until summer arrives to start up an air conditioner
          that has been dormant over winter exerts unnecessary stress on the equipment and can
          result in breakdowns. Breakdowns like these without a prior tune-up can also void the
          system's warranty, since neglecting to have annual maintenance performed on the HVAC
          system can increase the chances of issues developing.

“Being proactive is key to saving on cooling costs during the warmer seasons,” Giannone said. “We want Philly area homeowners to start saving on their energy bills and also avoid potential costly breakdowns during the heat, so make sure to follow these tips and schedule an HVAC tune-up as soon as possible.”

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