Fresno's Startup Ecosystem Shows Tremendous Growth Opportunity in New Report


FRESNO, Calif., Nov. 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — The recently released Global Startup Ecosystem Report (GSER), produced by Startup Genome, found that Fresno has many of the requirements for strong startup ecosystem development. Fresno ranked notably high in several key areas including:

  • Welcomes outsiders: One-third of entrepreneurs in the city moved from another city
  • Collisions build community: A higher than global average collision score means founders build relationships and a strong sense of community
  • Invested experts: We're meeting the global average for the number of relationships built among stakeholders and leaders
  • Distinct identity: As one of the largest food producers in the U.S., startup efforts here focus on leveraging that agricultural expertise for greater scaleup success in Agtech
  • Room to grow: The ecosystem has low startup density for its phase, indicating strong potential for the creation of many more startups

“This report validates what we have long believed about Fresno's rising tech scene,” said Jake Soberal, co-founder and CEO, Bitwise Industries. “We're proud to support the region with technology training, jobs, physical space, inspiration and community.”

The GSER collects data from thousands of startups around the world with the goal of increasing knowledge on what makes startup ecosystems work, and how global networks of capital and connections drive them. The six U.S. metropolitan areas selected for this report are not in the top 40 most populous or prosperous areas of the country and yet, the cities are making intentional strides to grow their startup ecosystems. Locally, the report collected data from Bitwise Industries, Fresno State University, Shift3 Technologies, Geekwise Academy, Root Access Hackerspace, 59 Days of Code, Hashtag Fresno and many others.  

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About Bitwise Industries
Bitwise Industries was founded in 2013 with the goal of activating human potential through the technology industry in Fresno, CA. Bitwise now operates three robust lines of business that sustain and support this objective. Geekwise Academy trains people to code, with a focus on marginalized groups, to give them the skills for today's job market. Bitwise's commercial real estate provides a physical home for aspiring technologists, many of the mission-aligned companies that hire out of Geekwise Academy and the co-workers that are revitalizing the downtown community of Fresno. And, Shift3 Technologies is a custom software development shop that pairs senior talent with entry-level programmers from Geekwise Academy to build and deliver world-class software to clients and enterprises. Learn more about Bitwise at

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