The Global Energy Leaders Podcast – Episode 14


This week our guest comes from across the pond in Lithuania. We are excited to introduce you to a good friend of the show Vejuna Guzalityte. On this week's episode, will be discussing could LNG actually hit it’s projected growth of 50% by the year 2020?


Ms Guzulaityte has vast experience in journalism, communication and analytics. She studied at the prestigious Vilnius Technical University where she secured a bachelor degree. As a student she enrolled into various internships connected to communications and journalism. Nevertheless, she started her career as a manager for Malvus Gas where she was analysing the Oil and Gas industry and presenting insights for further business development of the company. Vejuna Andziulyte has been working for Wisdom Events as a business development manager who was coordinating sales strategies and who brought valuable experience and knowledge about the LNG market. Soon she started investing herself into the Summits and coordinating the Communication with the press.

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