The Global Energy Leaders Podcast – Episode 25


On today’s episode, we visit with B.B. Denson, author of Gary the Go-Cart; Carbon Comes Out of the Closet & Wind Blows, regarding how she balances being an engineer by nature, environmentalist by day and a pro-oil author by night.


B.B. Denson began her career as a petroleum engineer with Amoco.  She has worked in environmental science (Weston Solutions) for the last several years. A true passion for the environment led her to begin working in this industry. Ms. Denson believes that misinformation about what is good for the environment coupled with the complexity of current messages about the oil and gas industry has caused unnecessary and unearned bias against oil and gas products. She wants to make the point so simple that even a child can understand, which led to the creation of the Gary the Go-Cart series. Ms. Denson is a Magna Cum Laude graduate Civil Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh.





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  • Book Signing
    • East Texas Energy Symposium
    • Kilgore, TX (5/2/2017, 10AM – 1PM CST)
  • Clear Creek ISD Book Fair, “Setting the Trend”
    • Victory Lakes Intermediate School
    • League City, TX. (6/8/2017, 8am – 3pm CST)
  • Speaking & Book Signing
    • Desk and Derrick Club of Tulsa,
    • Summit Club, Bank of America Building
    • Tulsa, OK. (6/14/2017, 11:30am CST)
  • Speaking at the National Association of Royalty Owners, NARO
    • Barton Creek Country Club
    • Austin, TX. (7/12/2017, 11:30am CST)
  • Book Signing
    • TIPRO Conference
    • San Antonio, TX. (8/8/2017 – 8/11/2017)

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