The Global Energy Leaders Podcast – Episode 27


On today’s episode, we visit with Charles Cai, named one of Forbes 30 Under 30 young entrepreneurs and innovators of 2017 discussing how Lignocellulosic Biomass could become an effective strategy in becoming a large-scale alternative to fossil fuels.


Charles Cai is an Assistant Research Engineer at CE-CERT and Assistant Adjunct Professor of Chemical & Environmental Engineering at UC Riverside, he is also the Chief Technology Officer of MG Fuels (Chicago, IL). He is currently devoted to developing novel biofuels technologies to convert plant biomass into renewable chemicals and liquid transportation fuels. His research focuses on the biological and catalytic processing of agricultural and forestry waste products, also known as lignocellulosic biomass, that don't compete with our food crops so that the production of next generation advanced biofuels can be an environmentally sustainable process. He is also responsible for creating and advancing the CELF process, one of the most promising new biomass conversion technologies, to enable affordable community scale production of power and liquid fuels. Charles received his Ph.D in Chemical and Environmental Engineering at UC Riverside and his B.S. in Biochemical Engineering at UC Davis



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