The Global Energy Leaders Podcast – Episode 34


On today’s episode, David Freed, principal partner with 8 Rivers Capital, visits The Global Energy Leaders Podcast to discuss their zero air emission fossil fueled power plant.


David Freed serves as a principal with 8 Rivers Capital, where he is the company’s project manager for NET Power, LLC’s 50 MW demonstration plant.  David leads the Intellectual Capital Committee, focused on company-wide technology development and deployment surrounding energy technologies, high speed wireless communications, and space launch / logistics.  As part of the initial and current NET Power team, David supported the technical and commercial sides of the business to raise over $140M.  David also helps lead the engineering, procurement and construction of NET Power’s demonstration plant in La Porte, TX, that is expected to drastically impact the CCUS story.  Prior to joining 8 Rivers, David worked as an associate for Boston Consulting Group in New York.  David is also on one of the founding teams of two medical device companies – one on ophthalmic disease, the other on ovarian cancer early detection.  David attended Duke University where he earned a BSE with distinction in biomedical engineering for his work on tissue engineering and a certificate in Markets and Management.  David also serves on the board of TROSA, a comprehensive, residential substance abuse recovery program located in Durham.




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