The Global Energy Leaders Podcast – Episode 56


On today’s episode, Dr. Ray Perryman, recipient of the 2016 Cesar Chavez Award and president and CEO of The Perryman Group visits The Global Energy Leaders Podcast to discuss the changing dynamics in Oil & Gas.


Dr. Ray Perryman is President and CEO of The Perryman Group, an economic research and analysis firm based in Waco, Texas. His firm has served the needs of more than 2,000 clients ranging from major corporations to small startups and from local communities to the federal government. Over the past 30 years, Dr. Perryman has helped recruit corporations providing tens of thousands of jobs through economic development work, resolved billion-dollar legal issues, and revamped public policy through impact assessments and other studies. His firm has measured economic impacts for corporate locations and expansions involving billions in investments, and his economic forecasts are used by corporations and government agencies alike.





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