The Global Energy Leaders Podcast – Episode 89


Ryan Ray visits w/ Mr. Jan Fousek, Managing Director of Solar Global on today’s episode of The Global Energy Leaders Podcast as they discuss energy trading in Europe.


Jan Fousek is a Managing Director of Solar Global, one of Czech leading PV power producers, green-energy trading house, service provider and investor into large-capacity batteries. He is also a Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Solar Association of the Czech Republic, where he is responsible for European agenda, energy trading legislation, media and worldwide presence at conferences. In July 2017, he also became a CEO and one of the co-founders of AKU-BAT CZ, the association for supporting energy storage.

In years 2011 – 2016 acted as a founder and co-owner of Virtuse Energy, that time one of the Europe´s largest emissions and energy trading house.

He was the first foreign entrepreneur in the world, whose company joined the emerging Chinese emission markets (firstly Shenzhen) in 2014. Jan used his experience with EU ETS to help some of the regional governments and emissions exchanges to successfully launch their trading schemes.



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