Texas Oil and Gas Episode 36

We are on the precipice Big Data developments in the Oil and Gas Industry



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Permian Flaring

This Week on the Texas Oil and Gas Podcast we start with an article about Flaring. According to the article, Permian Wells have been flaring more natural gas than other Texas Wells.

Frac Sands

Second, we turn to a great article on Frac Sands. It seems that the demand for Frac Sands is rapidly increasing. Consequently, there is a shortage of drivers to transport these sands to their destination.

Permian Development since 2015

Next, we will begin looking at a series of articles Title “Untapped: The New West Texas” which looks at the recent Permian developments dating back to 2015. Today we focus on Apache, who discovered an area known today as Alpine High which was estimated to have 3 billion barrels of oil. Due to the development of pipelines in the area, and this discovery, the Permian area began its epic rise to the forefront of World Oil. 

Big Data

After this, we discuss the role of Big Data in the Oil and Gas Industry. Comments are taken from a Conference on November 7th. From this, we discuss some of the needs of the Oil and Gas Industry to leverage the plethora of data they already have on hand. The goal being to identify areas where they can be more efficient.

One company that, according to Seeking Alpha, could benefit from a better look at Data is Contango. They are apparently unaware of Chesapeake's numbers as Contango is drilling in similar areas but having much more modest results. 

Before moving to our last two articles we discuss Sierra Club’s attempt to block some already approved export terminals. One of these terminals was in Texas. Thankfully, Sierra Club was rejected, and work is able to continue on.

Companies making Big Moves

Finally, we wrap this week’s show up with two articles. First, Energen filed 101 drilling permits so they are making some serious moves to gear up for next year. Last, World’s Largest Ethane cracker is being built in San Patricio Texas with projected finish of 2021. This is our weekly Job Call.


Natural Gas Flaring

Untapped: The New West Texas

Oil Industry Needs More Big Data

Endeavor 101 Permits

Sierra Club fails to block three export Terminals 

Contango vs Chesapeake 

Frac Sand Boom leads to shortage of truckers

10 Billion Dollar Ethane Cracker in San Patricio