Texas Oil and Gas Podcast Episode 42


The Texas Oil and Gas Podcast kicks off the New year with our questions of the month. We discussed 4-5 questions from John Clements.


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The 4 Questions from John were as follows:

1)      How soon do you estimate before fossil fuels are able to be completely replaced by renewables? Decades, millennia, longer?
2. Besides natural gas, are any non-fossil fuel energy sources being done in Texas? Nuclear or biofuel, for example? And where, and to what level vs. the main leaders of that source elsewhere?
3.    The pipeline in Mexico, will that impact anything but positively to Texas companies, or is there a negative to it? Loss of work, jobs, personnel, etc.?
How does the Gulf of Mexico compare to other similar bodies of water?
Not Texas related, but:
4)      With the Dakota Pipeline and now the recent spill, where do you stand with that, it’s impact on the people that lived there, its impact to the environment, vs. how much actual benefit it gives to the companies working the pipeline?
Thanks! Hope most of the questions aren’t too amateur’ish, and I won’t feel bad if you can’t use them due to that.
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