Texas Oil and Gas Episode 46

Questions of the Month



The Texas oil and Gas Podcast kicks things off this week with a look at a few breaking stories. 4 stories in all:

Doing More with Less

Corpus Christi Support

Parsley Energy Sells Permian Assets

Carrizo Divestiture 

Questions of the Month

This is the first Episode of the month! As is our custom, we will take questions sent in from our listeners to discuss.

Question 1: Question from Steve Kemper

“I have recently heard about the theory of abiotic oil.  Supporting this theory, I have heard of wells that were abandoned as tapped out, only to have oil in them again decades later.  Combine that with all the unbelievable quantities of hydrocarbons being discovered recently, what are your thoughts that oil could actually be a “renewable” resource and may not be finite in its quantities?”

This proved to be an interesting question. Ryan points out the tendency for each side to vilify the other when neither have been able to effectively prove their position. For example: scientists have not been able to take animals and plants to make crude oil from it, even at a small scale. On the other hand, the abiogenic (as opposed to abiotic) theory has led to the most successful oil discoveries. This is not a coincidence. 

Question 2 & 3: From John Clements–

Tune in to the show to hear our answers:

Question 2: With the lowering of the port depth in Corpus Christi coming, what are the plans for even further expansion to the Port afterwards?

Question 3:  I was a previous investor in the Energy market in my 401k, however the sole fund that was Energy specific was removed a few years ago, and admittedly, after not having a very good rate of return for me. How big an impact is the Energy market when it comes to the overall market? Are there just fewer companies, or has the trend been downward for a while which might cause something like that? John Hancock, of course, gave me no explanation for the removal. Seems more and more, funds might include Energy companies, but not many are Energy specific anymore.


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