Texas Oil and Gas Episode 38


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OPEC cuts

This week on the Texas Oil and Gas Podcast we start things off with a look at the recent approved OPEC cuts. As the market predicted, this past Thursday confirmed these cuts for at least 9 more months.

Howard Energy cross border pipeline

Next, we turn to Howard Energy. They are seeking support from the Trump Administration regarding a cross border pipeline between the U.S. and Mexico.

Texas Oil is High Demand

Third, we discuss Texas Oil and the Global Demand that it has. 70% of the oil that came into the Port of Corpus Christi was exported, for example. The Lighter crudes are becoming more and more desirable as the U.S. becomes a more established exporter of Oil. 

Oil and Gas Technology

Next, we take a look at the technology in Oil and Gas. We have discussed Big Data in recent weeks, and this week we turn to potential automation. Moving forward companies are trying to increase profit margins by as much as possible. The more automation the better, as far as they’re concerned. With the coming changes, brings challenges and opportunities. We discuss those on the show today.

In the area of technology, we briefly mention Marathon and the digital advancements that they have made. These advancements have helped them widen their profit margins.

JOB Call (Mergers and Acquisitions)

Finally, we finish things up with our Mergers and Acquisitions (JOB CALL). Milestone and Blackstone made some moves this week that should lead to some good Job opportunities. We discuss those on the show briefly.


Howard Energy Partners seeks help from Trump Admin

Foreign Markets want Texas Oil

Marathon Oil leverages digital oil field

OPEC agrees to 9 month extension


Companies bet on Oil Technology to increase profit

Milestone opens second facility

Blackstone buys Permian acreage

$250 Million dollar Ranch for sale

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