Texas Oil and Gas Episode 39

We discuss GOP tax Bill, recent Mergers and Acquisitions, and more!


This week on the Texas Oil and Gas Podcast we begin with a look at the most recent mergers and acquisitions. This is our weekly Job call where we identify possible job opportunities that may be coming available in the near future.



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Overview of Mergers and Acquisitions (Job Call)

From a Tanker Terminals to a $820 million dollar marine storage facility. There were several deals made and we will link more information about them in the articles below. 

David Blackmon Discusses GOP Tax Bill

We had on two guests this Week! First, we had on David Blackmon, a Forbes contributor, and associate editor of Shale Mag. We had him on the show to mainly discuss the GOP tax bill and the way in which it will impact the Oil and Gas industry. Especially here in Texas. David shared some great insights so be sure to check it out.

Sergio Chapa Joins Us to Discuss Cross-Border Pipeline

Lastly, we had on Sergio Chapa with the San Antonio Business Journal. Sergio discussed three pieces of news with us.

First, we discussed the Howard Energy Pipeline. Last week we discussed their reaching out to the Trump admin to get approval for this cross-border pipeline. Sergio shares how that pipeline was approved and the potential it has. 

Second, Sergio discusses a San Antonio Entrepreneur who has invested in an Old Industrial site. We cover some of the ramifications it will have on the local market.

Lastly, Sergio goes over his drilling permit roundup. As always he offers key insights into the market.


Tanker Terminals 

New Terminal System for Permian

Magellan building pipeline with expandable capacity

$820 Marine Storage Facility

Enterprise Shipping more Oil to the Gulf from Permian

GOP Tax Bill

SA Entrepreneur Redeveloping Old Industrial Site

 Drilling Permit Roundup

 Trump Admin Gives Howard Energy Assistance