Texas Oil and Gas Podcast Episode 48


This week on the Texas Oil and Gas Podcast we kick things off with a brief discussion of Ryan Sitton’s talk last week at NAPE.

USA a Net Exporter of Oil?

Second, we discussed the U.S. and the potential reality that we will be a net exporter of oil within the next 10 years. Compared to 12 million net imports in 2005, we are now only at 3 million net imports. Ryan and I discuss what that means and how it will impact the industry especially here in Texas.

Carrizo divests Eagleford Assets Again

Next, we take a look at Carrizo who is continuing to divest some of its assets. EP Energy acquired some of their Eagleford assets this week. Tune in to hear our thoughts! 

Sergio Chapa Trump Tax Reform and Port of Corpus Christi

Finally, we had Sergio Chapa from the San Antonio Business Journal to discuss several of his articles from the past several weeks. The first article had to do with Trumps funding the Port of Corpus Christi 13 million to deepen the Canal. Some of our faithful listeners will recall that the Port was approved several months ago. Sergio explains the litigation process that must be followed for it to all come to fruition.

Sergio had some breaking news concerning Cheniere Energy: they cut a 25 year deal to provide China with LNG. This is huge news for Cheniere Energy, and as many LNG contracts are coming up for renewal, it will be a decisive time for the LNG business in the U.S.

Sergio caps things off with a brief discussion of the Tax Reform’s effects on 2 major Oil and Gas Companies. You don’t want to miss it. 


Ryan Sitton at NAPE

U.S. Oil Exports

Drilling Permit News

Cheniere energy working on LNG contract with China

EP Energy acquires Eagleford acreage

Vallourec cuts 150 jobs

Pioneer sells everything that is not located in Permian

Wildhorse moves from LA to Eagleford

Trumps budget to Port of Corpus

Cheniere LNG deal with China

Tax Reform effects on Andeavor

Tax Reform effects on Valero