Texas Oil and Gas Podcast Episode 50


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This week on the Texas Oil and Gas Podcast we had our first Friday Questions of the Month! Ryan and I discuss questions from Steve, Patrick, and Jesse Cotterill.

Question #1

Patrick, a landowner in the Permian, asked about the use of recycled water and the potential effects it would have on Saltwater Disposals. Ryan and I discuss this along with other pertinent water issues facing Texas.

Question #2

Steve Kemper asked about the recent Tariff’s the Trump Administration is looking to put on the Steel industry. We discuss the various impacts this will have on the Oil and Gas infrastructure plans over the next few years.

Question #3

Finally Jesse asks about technology in the oil and gas industry that seems to always be over hyped and mischaracterized. We discuss Drillinginfo and some of their recent developments and opinions on the subject.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Concho is participating in a land swap in the Permian, and Preferred Sands is making big strides in Texas. See details below: 

Concho Permian Land Swap

Prefered Sands opening in Eagleford