Texas Oil and Gas Podcast Episode 53


This week on The Texas Oil and Gas Podcast Ryan and Josh discuss some of the breaking news across Texas regarding Oil and Gas. Recent news in Saudi Arabia is sure to have far reaching ramifications for the overall outlook on USA’s attempt, primarily through Texas, to become a net exporter of oil.

Texas Credit

Recent discussions about Texas’s credit being downgraded. What effects, if any will this have on developments like the Port of Corpus Christi? This is discussed at length on the show.

Ted Cruz

Recent news surrounding Ted Cruz made mainline news this week, so Ryan and Josh discuss Cruz’s policies and their potential benefits for Texas market.

Data Trade Battle

Finally, since 2010 the Oil and Gas industry has been collecting very large amounts of Data. More Data than any one company can handle. There are two primary strategies on how this Data should be handled and leveraged for the good of each individual company and the Oil and Gas business in general. Ryan and Josh engage on some of the positives and negatives of each side.



TPG $2.7 Billion deal with Enervest

Is the ground sinking?

Texas Credit Downgraded?

Ted Cruz Policies

Oil Boom outside the Permian

Netflix for Oil—Data Trade Battle

Venado acquires Cabot

Pioneer and Eagleford