Texas Oil and Gas Podcast Episode 59


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This week on the Texas Oil and Gas Podcast Ryan and Josh discuss multiple topics ranging from the Iran Nuclear deal and its ramifications for the Texas Market, to new deals in the Austin Chalk and Moore County. We also have on a special guest Professor Joe Dancy, Executive director of Oklahoma Entergy Center, who joins us today to discuss a number of issues that we are currently facing. The water shortage, and increased water usage issue, for starters.

Regarding the Iran Nuclear deal, Ryan and Josh discuss the impact this could have on the last half of 2018. We know that Oil prices bumped up a little over the past week, probably due in part to the U.S. pulling out of that deal. But what should we expect over the next 6 months? Tune in to the show and hear their thoughts and projections.  

He had many unique insights into the industry and some of the possible solutions to many of these conundrums. We highly recommend that you come and take a listen!

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