Texas Oil and Gas Episode 34

More Optimism in the Oil and Gas Market leads to increased Lending Leniency aimed to stimulate more drilling


This week on The Texas Oil and Gas Podcast Episode 34 we start things off with recent news that the State is requiring certain gas stations to pay up for the price gouging that took place during Hurricane Harvey. What is the government’s role in this? We give you our opinion.

We then turn to the Lending aspect of the Oil and Gas market. As Ryan predicted on Episode 33 of Texas Oil and Gas, the optimistic evaluations of the current market led to more lenient bank loans aimed to increase drilling.

Then we discuss issues raised with Scott Pruitt and the EPA, specifically of the bias of the scientific community. Scientists are human, and are subject to bribery just like every other human being who finds themselves in a position to falsify something to turn a profit. This has far-reaching ramifications for the Oil and Gas industry and we explore some of those on the show.

As usual, we conclude the show with a snapshot of the Permian and Eagleford.

Permian: Layne Christensen is set to develop 88,000 acres in the Permian with the aim of providing oil companies in the Permian with the water they desperately need to keep up the drilling.

We briefly highlight the MMEX deal that is set to break ground anytime this Month, and the recent partnership between Driftwood Energy Partners LLC, and Carnelian Energy Capital.

Finally, the Eagleford article has a great chart identifying the top 20 operators in the area.

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Perry's Plan

State Requires Payment from Harvey Price Gouging

MMEX to break ground in November

More competitive lending drives down prices

Scott Pruitt strips the EPA's science boards

Partnership between Driftwood Energy Partners, LLC and Carnelian Energy Capital

Layne Christensen to develop water wells (88,000 acres)

Top 20 Eagleford Operators (Great Chart)

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